Online Dating Disaster

As most young American's have, I signed up for an online dating site. All right, let's be honest, I've signed up for a few. I haven't found love, but I have I stumbled across of some of the most bizarre dating experiences of my life.

One of my first dates that I went on was with a computer analyst named Brian. First impressions where good, we had a phone conversation that put me at ease to meet him in a public place. Brian suggested dinner at a small local restaurant that I had wanted to try out, so it was perfect.

I arrived a few minutes early and grabbed a glass of wine at the bar. Brian arrived shortly after and we had a nice conversation while we waited for our table. I noticed he wasn’t very focused on me, but was looking around the restaurant, which was a little annoying, but hey I figured he was just nervous like me. The hostess came to show us to our table, when it turns out she knew him, even called him by name.

We sat at our table and when the waitress came to the table she said hello to Brian as well, they clearly knew one another. I asked Brian if he came to the restaurant often since everyone knew him and he said he was a regular. He then excused himself to use the restroom. He was gone for about 15 minutes so I decided to check if he was okay. When I walked to the restroom, there he was making out with a girl. It turns out his ex-girlfriend was the manager and he brought me there to make her jealous. I guess it worked and he got the girl he really wanted.

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